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At Thermotraffic, we share a common mission: being a reliable and recognized partner for our customers and delivering the goods they entrust to us at the right time, in the right state and temperature, and at the right place. Our corporate values help us achieve this mission.

The successful future of Thermotraffic GmbH is ensured through the day-to-day work of every single employee. In order to continue this success long into the future, we feel obliged to do what we can to help the world achieve the global sustainability goals set by the UN. With our sustainability activities, we particularly support these goals: 3. Good Health and Wellbeing; 8. Decent Work and Economic Growth; and 13. Climate Action


Customer-oriented action: reliability and flexibility

We make it our business to serve the wishes, needs, and expectations of our customers. We see ourselves as a service provider with the aim of establishing and nurturing stable and economically meaningful relationships with our customers over the long term.

Innovation and progress

There is no such thing as “doesn‘t work,” “don‘t know,” or “that‘s a problem” with us. We revise our processes at regular intervals and don‘t insist on the status quo. We never rest on our laurels, but instead are continuously thinking about tomorrow today. This is how we create new and innovative ideas that allow us to think outside the box. We don‘t see “mistakes” as failures or regression, but rather as an opportunity for improvement.

Respectful interaction with customers, employees, and business partners

We respect all people equally, regardless of their ethnic origin, color, disability, worldview, religion, social origin, political views, nationality, position, age, gender, or sexual orientation. We talk about problems, address new challenges openly, and work together to find solutions.


We have a zero tolerance policy for all forms of bribery, corruption, extortion, or embezzlement. We immediately report violations of applicable laws or rules of conduct internally to the appropriate office so that we can act in the interests of the company. We make sure that no one who reports a possible violation is disciplined or suffers other consequences.

Careful use of resources

We are committed to our ecological and social responsibility. In order to implement our corporate goals, we need to be careful with the human and environmental resources that are most important for our business activities. The horizon for our goals goes beyond business figures and short and medium-term business goals: we are long-term thinkers and want to enable future generations to enjoy a livable future as well. We consistently base our business decisions on this basic principle.

Responsibility for our own actions

As a company, managers and employees alike, we are aware of our responsibility and adhere to existing laws, ordinances, guidelines, and applicable international agreements.

We strive to question and optimize our actions and our services continuously in terms of sustainability.