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Reporting System of Thermotraffic GmbH

Complying with statutory regulations, internal principles of conduct and our Code of Conduct for Business Partners is a high priority at Thermotraffic. To meet this standard, it is important to learn about potential violations by our employees or business partners to prevent or avoid it. Hints are handled independently, impartially and confidentially by our reporting system.

The reporting system provides a save and if necessary anonymous opportunity for employees, managers, business partners and other third parties to inform us about misconduct or violations against statutory regulations, internal principles of conduct or our Code of Conduct for Business Partners.

Together we intend to reveal violations and reduce risks. We are grateful for any information that helps us to remedy misconduct.
In this way, you make a valuable contribution to our compliance process and actively help us to comply with due diligence obligations under the Act on Corporate Due Diligence Obligations in Supply Chains within the framework of the supply chain.

Our reporting system guarantees the greatest possible protection for whistleblower and affected persons, so that no disadvantages are to be feared as a result of reporting. We assure not to take any action to identify anonymous whistleblower. Your information is processed with utmost confidentiality, by qualified personnel only, in a fair, quick and protected process.

How is you hint processed?

First, you will get a confirmation of receipt of your report within seven days (except for anonymous reports). The hint is then evaluated and further investigation will be initiated if necessary. Subsequently, the investigation results will be rated. In case of a proven misconduct/violation, suitable sanction measures will be taken (depending on the severity) and, if necessary, responsible authorities will be informed/involved. Information on the process of your report, as well as of the result of a potential investigation will be provided to you within three month after your report.

Additionally, you can report misconduct to public reporting offices. Those can be found, depending on the area, on the websites of the respective country/federal state.

How to report correctly?

To process and follow up your hint promptly, we need specific details.
It would be helpful, if you consider the following five questions:

Who? – Who is it about? Who is affected?

What? – What happened? Description of the facts.

When? – When was the incident?

How? – How many times did it happen?

Where? – Where did the incident take place?

Should you become aware of any violations/misconduct, Thermotraffic GmbH strongly encourages you to report them immediately. There are two ways to report misconduct to Thermotraffic GmbH:

Reporting System of Thermotraffic GmbH

Anonymous via mail:Thermotraffic GmbH
Complaint management personal/confidential
Im Industriegelände 60-66
33775 Versmold